Here Are 6 Backpack Accessories You Need To Stay Organized


Backpack Accessories Make Life Easier

While carrying a backpack is a comfortable option, it can be difficult to keep everything inside organized. In enters backpack accessories. Keep your contents organized with these 6 helpful backpack accessories. 

1. Cable Shorteners Keep the Mess At Bay


One of the biggest problems you encounter while handling your backpack is a tornado of cables. Whether they are charging cables for your smartphones or adapter cables for your cameras; they always irritate you.

A cable shortener is the best solution for entangled cables. While you can buy any wrap around cable shorteners online, a simple binder clip can work for thin cables like your earbuds or headphones. Just wrap your earbuds around your palm and lock it in with a binder clip.

2. A Space-Saving Wallet Will Simplify Your Life


Traditional wallets are bulky, heavy and tough to keep in your backpack while traveling. If you are in a habit of traveling with some extra cash in your backpack and always keep your wallet in your backpack, you know how tough it is to pull the wallet out of it.

As an alternative, you can go with simple money clips with extra storage or you can find a wallet that is combined with other gadgets; like a wallet and notepad combo, or a wallet and phone case combo.

All these products are easily available online.

3. Key Clips Make Finding Your Keys a Piece of Cake

Many people keep their keys in a backpack while they are outside or traveling because it is safer there. But keys are small and easy to lose in your backpack, even with a chain attached.

It is really tough to fish for your keys in a backpack, especially when you are in a hurry.The best solution for this is to buy a backpack which has a clip on the inside to attach your keys to it.

If you do not have a key clip in your backpack then buy a simple carbine clip used for holding ropes; attach this to the inside of your backpack and clip on your keys anytime you want.

4. The Grid It Organizer Is a Dream Come True


If you us your backpack on a daily basis or even for traveling, then you know that it is really tough to find pockets for all your stuff. Most backpacks have a limited number of pockets and compartments.

In the end, you tend to just drop small items like pens, lip balm, and other smaller items into random pockets. Later you have to go through all your stuff just to find a small thing that you dropped in your backpack. It can be really frustrating.

One way to organize all your stuff is to get a Grid It organizer. This woven grid of elastic bands allows you to hold almost anything. Many Grid It organizers also have a little sleeve for your tablet or laptop.

5. Organizer Pouches Keep the Important Stuff Safe

All of us have used our backpacks to carry around some documents of papers which end up getting crushed or damaged inside the bag. A better way to do this is to always keep an organizer pouch in your backpack which holds all your documents and papers and can be zipped to protect them.

6. Travel Cube or Pouches Are the Solution for all the Miscellaneous Items


If you are the type of person who carries around deodorant, makeup, lotions, etc.  this is the perfect solution for you.

A travel cube is essentially a waterproof box which holds all your stuff and prevents it from spilling inside the bag. It is a lot easier to keep track of your stuff if they are present in travel cubes or pouches.